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Here, we've tried to address the most frequent questions about our product. Scroll through the list, and see if your question has been addressed. If your question hasn't been answered, feel free to contact us directly.

ThermArray™ is designed primarily for the collection and storage of thermographic images, while ThermArray Advanced™ is designed to aid in the analysis of those images with a variety of annotation features.

Support may be obtained by calling us, or by using our contact form.

ThermArray supports a variety of cameras, a complete list of which you may find on our features list.

ThermArray™ and ThermArray Advanced™ are compatible with Vista™, however specific cameras may not be. Please contact us for more details.

Yes. However, you will need to call us to obtain a new license key.

Yes. However, you will need to call us to obtain a new license key.

When upgrading from MedArray™ or ThermaSoft™, you will need to purchase an upgrade. However, minor updates to ThermArray™ and ThermArray Advanced™ will be available free of charge.

ThermArray™ and ThermArray Advanced™ support image arrays of up to five columns by five rows, or a total of twenty-five images.

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